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If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading.

We understand that you may be working from home and trying to juggle the demands of your job with the needs of your children - we know that this is not easy.  We want to reassure you that although we are providing ‘work’ for the children, there is no expectation for how much work needs to be completed. School is closed; school staff are often managing their own families at home too; some are in the school buildings providing care for key worker families’ and vulnerable children. 

Therefore, teachers will NOT be expected to ‘mark work’ (as some parents have asked) and have been instructed to only put on class pages, Google classroom and Twitter what is manageable. The weeks and months ahead of us will undoubtedly be testing for everyone. 

I would like to thank our staff for stepping up to this challenge with such dedication and determination - they have shown extraordinary creativity, flexibility and commitment. Please do what is right for you and your child - use the website and Twitter to keep in touch, we want to retain a feeling of belonging for each class and as a whole school community. This is as important for the children as it is for all of us #inittogether  

Following Government guidance Wimboldsley School is OPEN to KEY GROUPS ONLY. This includes those who work in Health and Social Care, Education and childcare, Key public services, local government, food & necessary goods, transport and utilities. 


We will be open 8pm-4pm for the first week and we will ask KEY WORKERS what hours they need - and if we can staff this, we will for the weeks following. We will advise you as soon as we know our staffing numbers. If you are not a KEY WORKER the care hours are 9-3.30 

Work has been set for children on their class pages. (click on the tab above) Here you will find Google classroom (you have been sent a login and instructions are on the website)

Thank you everyone for working with us over the last week and following guidelines about how to keep safe. The children, their families and our community is of our main concern at this worrying time. Please everyone stay safe and healthy



Parents are advised to read the government's guidance on staying at home in the case of suspected coronavirus infection continues: This is based on the most significant symptoms of:

  •     new continuous cough, and/or

  •     high temperature (37.8°C)

If children, or anyone in your household develop either of these symptoms, they should be kept at home for a period of 14 days from the onset of the symptoms.

Otherwise, most activities will continue as normal until such time as Government advice changes. 

It will not be possible for teachers to provide work for pupils to complete if being isolated at home. But, you are encouraged to make use of available resources on the ‘classes’ pages of the school website. There are also a number of educational games on our website available to you.

If your child does not know their login information, these can be provided by school. To help us to manage this, please contact us by email,, rather than telephone. 

In school, we will continue to encourage regular handwashing, and the use of tissues to “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It". 

Any further available information will be provided on this page as and when it is available.Up-to-date information on the actions taken by Public Health England are available on their website:


What Makes Wimboldsley Primary School Great?

Click Here to see our news worthy video of 'What Makes Britain Great?'

At Wimboldsley Primary School our motto is “Achieve Excellence” and we committed to providing a welcoming, calm and stimulating environment in which we can nurture the achievements of every child. We provide a broad and balanced education, where children are encouraged to explore, discover and question through a range of exciting learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. We recognise and celebrate the talents of each child, enabling them to grow in confidence and achieve both their educational and personal goals.

At Wimboldsley Primary School we work closely with parents/carers and the wider community to ensure the success of our children.  We believe that children deserve the best possible education and that they learn best when there are strong links between home and school. 

The Governors, Staff and Children are very proud of Wimboldsley Primary School and hope that you enjoy finding out more about our school by browsing our website.  We have designed our website to allow you to access information about the school and keep you up to date with all the events going on. It will also let you know what great learning the children are participating in.  

Visits are encouraged and welcomed: we would be delighted to show you around our wonderful school.  If you are choosing a school for your child, please contact us to arrange a visit or to discuss any aspect of starting primary school.



                       Miss S. Fletcher                              Mrs K. Orme                             Mrs C. Hazeldine

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Chair of Govenors email:  


If, as a parent of a pupil attending this school, you require a paper copy of the information on this website, we shall provide this free of charge.

Wimboldsley Community Primary School

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What's Being Said?

"The children are learning in a brilliant environment and it is a delight to see ...Thank you."
"The residential visits here are awesome."
"The teachers keep us safe and look after us."
"Life at Wimsboldsley is underpinned by a particularly strong culture of mutual support and respect."
"Pupils’ behaviour around school and on the playground is exemplary and they are polite, friendly and welcoming to visitors."