At Wimboldsley we believe you can learn anywhere

Residential trips really benefit our children with the following life skills: Inner confidence, self-esteem, listening and communication skills, personal achievement, respect, resilience, problem solving and team building.

2018-19 Residential Visits

Year 1/2 - Delamere - 1 night - January 2019

Year 3 - Conway Centre Anglesey - 2 nights - March 2019

Year 4 - Borreaton Park - 2 nights - March 2019

Year 5 - London - 3 nights - May 2019

Year 6 - France - 3 nights - June 2019


In 2017-18 the children attended the following residential visits:

Year 1 Beeston - 1 night - February 2018

Year 2 Delamere - 1 night - January 2018

Year 3/4 Castleton  - 2 nights - March 2018

Year 5 London  - 2 nights - May 2018

Year 6 France  - 3 nights -  June 2018


Please see below the residential visits that happened for the academic year 2016-2017: 

Wednesday 16th November - Friday 18th November - Year 3 and 4 - CONWAY CENTRE

Tuesday 10th January - Friday 13th January - Year 5 and 6 - LOCH EIL, SCOTLAND

Monday 23rd January - Tuesday 24th January - Year 1 - DELAMERE FOREST OUTDOOR CENTRE

Monday 27th February - Tuesday 28th February - Year 2 - BEESTON OUTDOOR CENTRRE




All â€‹â€‹of our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a fantastic trip to Norfolk to the water sports centre, with our federated partner school Willam Stockton. They were able to paddle board, sail and create amazing rafts. A great trip for everyone. 

FRANCE - July 2015

All â€‹â€‹of our Year 6 pupils enjoyed a fantastic trip to France with our federated partner school William Stockton, where they were able to practice their speaking and listening skills in real life situations. They ordered hot chocolates, bread and lots more in the local markets as well as visiting the local beach, chocolate factory and snail farm.

BEESTON  - February 2015

Horse Chestnut Class had a fantastic time on their one night residential to BEESTON Outdoor Centre. They enjoyed den building, outdoor art and generally being away from school! They all slept really well and ate really well! 

CASTLETON  - October 2015

Willow Class experienced two fantastic nights in Castleton, enjoying the fresh air and getting the opportunity to visit the village of Castleton on a treasure hunt. They also participated in lots of activities linked to their topic of the Romans..... particularly the Roman Seige! The teachers have never seen a class assemble a catapult so quickly and 'young Romans' so fierce!

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