Key Priorities

Our Key Priorities




  1. Focus on ‘Greater Depth’ and outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in all areas.
  2. Maintain exemplary standards in personal development; with an increasing focus on mental & physical health and academic progress.
  3. Maintain exemplary standards of behaviour.  Improve pupils attitudes to learning.
  4. Ensure staff secure all objectives in plan, as a Federation, with particular emphasis on those pupils receiving additional funding.




1. To improve pupils spelling and consistency with spelling in writing across the curriculum.

2. To increase the number of pupils acheiving exceeding in writing at the end of the EYFS.




 1. A key priority is writing, with particular emphasis on boys and more able pupils

 2. Raise the attainment of reading at the end of Key Stage One

 3. Improve the progress of non pupil premium SEND pupils in Maths

 4. Increase the number of middle attaining pupils achieving high attainment at the end of the        year

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