How We Teach Our Curriculum

The Curriculum at Wimboldsley

The delivery of our curriculum is usually based on the child's own class: most subjects and skills are taught by the same class teacher. However, there is movement with regards to the phonics programme the school delivers and your child may learn from another member of staff. Likewise in other subjects in the curriculum children may learn in different classrooms or from different members of staff. We also make use of many visitors to school who have particular skills or interests, all to the benefit of the children's learning.


Many subjects are taught in topics. For example, the topic of POP CULTURE combined with lots of subjects:

English (e.g. biographies, newspaper reports, descriptive)

Maths (e.g. handling data)

History (e.g. fashions, technology, key British historical events)

PSHE (e.g. civil rights, racism and preparing pupils for 21st Century Britain)

Design (e.g. Mary Quant style clothing, CD covers)

Art (e.g. Andy Warhol)

PE (e.g. Dance through the decades)

The school was able to enhance the topic by visiting the 'Beatles Museum, Liverpool' Just as importantly the children were able to plan and choreograph their own fashion and dance show as well as show their Enterprise skills to sell t-shirts and CD's and covers they had designed and made.

A few subjects are not always linked to topics. This depends on the topics covered but usually Religious Education and French are taught separately to the rest of the curriculum.



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