Homework in Oak Class


Homework will be set on a Friday, to be returned to school the following Thursday. If there are any alterations these will be noted down in your child's homework/reading diary. Homework will alternate between Maths and SPaG.

Topic homework will be sent out, on occasion, to support your child's Literacy skills e.g. research, writing composition etc.

Children will be given a spelling list every Friday, which can be found in their homework folder (blue). On Mondays they will be given some class time to practise their spellings for that week before being tested on Friday mornings.

The children are encouraged to read for at least 10-20 minutes everyday at home. They will be awarded team points for every day that their diary has been signed by a parent or guardian. I will sign it to confirm that your child has shown me their homework/reading diary. I will also write a comment for everytime that your child has read with me at school.

If you happen to have any questions about homework/reading e.g. what websites/resources you can use to support your child at home, please feel free to ask me or write a comment in your child's homework diary for me to check.


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