Homework in Horse Chestnut Class


Homework is set on a Friday

Spelling homework will be given out weekly along with a Maths task based upon that weeks learning. The spelling investigation will relate to work the children have been completeing in their SPAG sessions. In addition to spelling children will receive handwriting practice

Homework is due in by Thursday. This allows for them to be marked and handed back out on the Friday, with new homework. Homework will be discussed every Friday, supporting any misconceptions and explaining the new piece. 

Reading as much as possible is still vital and helps your children to become a confident reader. Ask your children lots of questions to help to develop their comprehension skills. Bookmark for ideas of questions are inside their reading diaries. Please ensure everytime your child reads that it is recorded in their dairy.

Many thanks for your continuing support.

Miss Copley

Children are encouraged to practice their halving, doubling and  times tables as much as possible

Ideas of activities

Singing, chanting

These “old-fashioned” strategies still help. Say the multiples as you go up the stairs – eg: 3, 6, 9, 12.... Time how quickly they can do it. Can they run up the stairs? Can they do it backwards when they come back down? (Please walk forwards though I don’t want to be responsible for any A&E trips!)


Writing them:

For the arty children make a tables poster for their bedroom wall.


Speed writing

How quickly can you write all the facts in the times table of your choice?

Can you beat your time? Race your parents / older siblings!


Rhymes and patterns

8 x 8 = 64 (I ate and I ate and was sick on the floor, 8 x 8 is 64)

8 x 7=56 (56=7 x 8) (the numbers in this times table fact are in order 5, 6, 7, 8!)


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