Executive Head's message

September 2020

We are happy to welcome all pupils back, as planned, at the start of this new school year. We informed you in our last Summer Newsletter that we have planned for this – and we are confident our systems are as effective as we can make them. We, as you know, have not closed and we had around 50% of children in in July – this worked very well. Therefore our systems are being kept the same, we are just managing a larger number of children. To aid this we have made our school lunches very simple ‘packed lunch’ style for the first two weeks so we can manage our lunch times, but everything else is the same as prior to our breaking up for the Summer Break.

There is a video on the website showing the interior of the school, as parents will not be able to come onto site currently.

We are very much looking forward to seeing all our pupils again and thank you to all those parents who have been so appreciative of the work the staff have put in to make things work in these unusual times.

Please try to stick to your allocated drop off and pick up times – and don’t forget these may change when your child ‘goes up’ to their new classes after the first two weeks. It is far better that your child is assessed by someone who knows them and we feel this ‘known’ person is the right person to welcome your child back too – to aid any anxieties there may be.

We also have our Pastoral team to help children and families who may be having extra concerns at this time – please phone for an appointment as we will not be accepting people ‘unannounced’ at the school office for the time being.

Good luck if you are returning to work after a long absence – and thanks in anticipation, for your cooperation and support to help get us all safely back on track.

Moira Atkins

Wimboldsley Community Primary School

Nantwich Road, Wimboldsley, Cheshire

01606 832321