Assessment for Learning (AFL)



'Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and  interpreting evidence for use by learners to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go and how best to get there'         


Assessment Reform Group

At Wimboldsley Primary School we strive for our children to be active participants in the learning process, so that they understand the purpose of their learning. We want them to know how they can be successful and what they need to do next to improve.
Here at Wimboldsley we use a range of Assessment for Learning (AFL) strategies to enhance children's learning and development.


What does it look like in the classroom?


Cooperative partners and Cooperative Groups

Pupil talk is central to active learning. Talking with a cooperative partner or in a cooperative group promotes thinking and participation during lessons whilst children use their collaborative working skills. When working collaboratively the children are supported in considering their responsibilities and behaviour, in order to work effectively. Our classrooms are all set up in a cooperative style (groups of four) and we use a lot of the KAGAN strategies in our daily learning.


Tickled Pink and Green for Growth

This is when pink highlighters are used to identify the successful aspects of a piece of work and green highlighters are used to show the areas for development. Both the teachers and the children may use 'Tickled Pink' and 'Green for Growth' to identify successes and areas to improve based on the success criteria. Wimboldsley finds it a very visual way to celebrate successes and identify targets to improve. 

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