Oak - Year 5/6 2020 - 2021

Mrs Axon-Milburn




Welcome to Oak Class

We are the Year 5 and Year 6 children

 Mrs Axon-Milburn works with Year 5 and Year 6

Mrs Naylor also works with us in Oak Class


Please click the link at the bottom of the page to access a whole host of maths revision resources for Year 5 and 6


Life in Oak Class

Our usual routine involves:

- Our PE days will vary. Please ensure that you have your P.E. kit in school.

We have focused sessions on Reading, Writing/SPaG and Maths each day. We also will be exploring other areas of the curriculum such as the Arts, French, Science and the Humanities/ RE each week.


Our Curriculum

At Wimboldsley Primary School we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes excellence. We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning, through delivery a twenty first century education. A cross curricular approach to learning encourages the children to be independent, reflective learners and responsible citizens. We work closely with parents to support children’s learning.



Our topic for the spring term is Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean. During this topic, we will develop our historical enquiry and geoghraphical skills. We will study the Ancient Greeks and become familair with the Mediterranean and the benefits of living there.  



In Years 5 and 6, we will be continuing to focus on the following things:

  • Developing our comprehension skills.
  • Improving our vocabulary.
  • Understanding what we read by:
    • checking that the book makes sense, discussing our understanding and exploring the meaning of words in context
    • asking questions to improve our understanding
    • drawing inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions, and justifying inferences with evidence
    • predicting what might happen from details stated and implied
    • summarising the main ideas drawn from more than 1 paragraph, identifying key details that support the main ideas
    • identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning
    • discuss and evaluate how authors use language, including figurative language, considering the impact on the reader
    • distinguish between statements of fact and opinion
    • retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction
    • participate in discussions about books that are read to them and those they can read for themselves, building on their own and others’ ideas and challenging views courteously
  • Continuing to develop our love of reading. 
  • Being introduced to and inspired by different authors. We will study the Shakespeararean text - A Midsumnmer Night's Dream by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross and delve deep into the mythical world of The Girl of Ink and Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave.


  • Planning, drafting, writing, editing, evaluating and proof-reading our work.
  • Writing newspaper reports about the Trojan War, playscripts, persuasive letters, letters to complain, non-chronological reports, brochures to persuade, alternative chapters/ endings and poetry.

Spellings - Below are the spelling words for Years 3,4, 5 and 6. Children need to be working on these at home. Weekly spelling tests will take place. Please support your child with learning words sent home.


  • In Maths we will be continuing to look at the 4 mathematical operations and mathematical reasoning. We will be focussing on developing our fluency, problem-solving and reasoning using APE. (Answer it, Prove it, Explain it!) We will also be working on …time, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, measure, statistics and shape.

It would be really helpful if you could: 

  • Practise all of the times tables.
  • Let your child explain what they have done in Maths that day.
  • Explore topics assigned on Mathletics.




This term we will be exploring  Forces and Living Things and their Habitats.

During our topic of: Forces, we will explain that unsupported objects fall towards the Earth because of the force of gravity acting between the Earth and the falling object. We will identify the effects of air resistance, water resistance and friction, that act between moving surfaces. We will recognise that some mechanisms, including levers, pulleys and gears, allow a smaller force to have a greater effect.

During our topic of: Living Things and their Habitats, we will describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird  and describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.  

Topic – Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean

This topic will allow us to develop our Historical enquiry and Geographical skills. We will place Ancient Greece on a timeline, become familiar with Greek Gods and Goddesses, research famous Greeks and discover how they have affected our lives today. We will learn about Greek life, theatre, the history of the Olympics and their achievements.

In Geography, we will use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied. We will further our knowledge of physical Geography: climate zones, biomes and vegetation belts.

Art and DT

In Art, we will look at a range of skills and media, focussing on drawing, painting and sculpture. We will create Greek pots and tragedy masks. We will explore Greek architecture including: the Parthenon.

In DT, we will become familiar with traditional Greek foods. We will investigate, design and make a  Greek dish. We will look at the benefits of a Mediterranean diet in terms of a healthy and varied diet and link it to our Geographical work on vegetation.                             


In Computing, we will continue to focus on developing our skills using Google Drive. We will become familiar with key elements of Google Drive including Google Slides. We will research Ancient Greece and the Meditterranean to help us write our persuasive brochures and non-chronological reports. We will use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour; identify a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact.


In SMSC, we will look at the world we live in and our British values of: respect, tolerance, diversity and equality for all. We will develop our understanding of the Global community and look at democracy and philosophical questions.

In Year 5/6 you will be expected to do the following at home:

  • Read every night to an adult
  • Practise your spellings
  • Literacy Homework - SPAG

Here are some online activities, just click on the links below:

In Year 5/6 you will be expected to do the following at home:

  • Practise your times tables
  • Maths Homework

Here are some online activities, just click on the links below:



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