Horse Chestnut - Year 2/3 2019-2020

Miss Copley

Welcome to Horse Chestnut Class!
At Wimboldsley Primary School our vision is to  ‘Achieve Excellence’
Our teacher is Miss Copley. 
Mrs Chesters and Miss McFerran work with us in Horse Chestnut Class.
We are in Year 2 and 3.

Rainbow Challenge - Can you brighten up everyone's day?
Colour a rainbow and put it in your window. Keep everyone smiling!
There is a template available on this page.

Please take the time to think about the old and vulnerable in our local community.
Why not write a letter or draw a picture to send to someone.
This will be sure to brighten their day!

Below is a suggested timetable for home learning. Please don't feel you need to stick to it.
These are challenging times for everyone so please keep safe and do what you need to do for your family.

Please see Google Classroom for work for children
There are extra activities attached at the bottom of this page.


Practise your times tables or your number bonds to 20 using 'Hit the Button'. Can you beat your high score?
Top Marks has Maths games for every unit and every school age. Have browse and play a game on an area you don’t feel as confident on, this may be division, adding fractions, creating pictograms. They have it all!
         Year 3-
         Year 2-
Maths Frame has lots of free Maths games to play, covering a range of topics.
BBC Bitesize has lots of games and guides to help with all areas of Maths.
          Year 3-
          Year 2-
Top Marks has Literacy games for every area and every school age. Explore all the different games they have on offer and have a go at the ones you like. My favourites are ‘Spooky Spellings’ and ‘Phonics Bloom’.
        Year 3-
        Year 2-
Another website with lots of interesting games is ICT games. There are lots of games which cover a wide array of topics.
BBC Bitesize also has lots of games and guides to help with Literacy as well.


Websites and Resources for everyone:
Twinkl- If you would like to access any Twinkl resources during this time, Twinkl is offering every parent in England access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge.
Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Purple Mash- As a school we subscribe to the website 'Purple Mash' where your teacher will assign tasks for you to complete linked to our maths, literacy or topic learning. If you need help accessing your child's account, please contact the school office or speak to the class teacher at the door.

Kids Classroom Secret- Classroom Secrets Kids is a brand-new site from Classroom Secrets packed full of activities for children to use independently. It’s free to sign up and children have access to all activities and resources. They have activities for SPaG, Maths, English, Reading and History.

Other useful websites:                                                 - Active Learning    - Fun Literacy packs                                                  - Helps you learn a language                            - Lots of Audiobooks                 - Educational game       - Daily Audiobooks by David Walliams   - Art tutorials for children

Please continue to read with your child daily.

Don't forget to follow our Class Twiiter Page, Team Horse Chestnut, to see what everyone is up to while we are all at home. 
Thank you for your continued support during this time.

Miss Copley

Life in Horse Chestnut Class
The children in Horse Chestnut class are looking forward to a great year of learning.
We complete Grammar Hammer and Arithemtic Academy on a Monday.
Our PE days will vary.
We have a focused session on Reading, Writing and Maths each day. We also enjoy lots of opportunities to learn about Science, Computing, French, History, Geography, RE, Art, DT and Music each week.

Our Curriculum
At Wimboldsley Primary School we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes excellence. We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning, through delivery a twenty first century education. A cross curricular approach to learning encourages the children to be independent, reflective learners and responsible citizens. We work closely with parents to support children’s learning.
Key Skills we develop in year 2 and 3 are:
- To use conjunctions to join our ideas
- To use a range of fronted adverbials throughout our writing
- To use paragraphs, headings and subheadings to organise our work
- To learn to select appropriate grammar and vocabulary
- To describe settings, characters and atmosphere in narratives
- To assess and improve the effectiveness of our writing
- To use formal methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers
- To recall 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 8s and 10s.
- To recognise and find 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 1/4 and 3/4 of any given number or shape
- To add and subtract money
Our Topic:
Please see our curriculum map at the bottom of the page for more information. 
It will be a busy and fun filled year of learning. 

How can I help and support my child at school?
Homework is set on Friday and should be returned on the following Thursday. 
Homework will include Reading, Spellings, Maths and Learning Log. 
Spelling Check will be on Monday.  
Reading is encouraged daily and should be recorded in your child’s blue reading record book. 
Key Websites your child can use to support their learning include:

Practical ideas you may wish to make use of:
Reading at home
•    Ask your child what they are reading and talk about their ideas: What is the ‘picture’ they have of particular characters? Are there people like that in your family or whānau? What do they want to find out from the book? What are the important messages? What do they think is going to happen next? What else do they need to know to understand the story or topic?
•    Talk about books on similar topics. This helps your child to pull together ideas from different places
•    Help your child to share their thinking. Get them to share opinions and talk about why they think that. 
Writing at home
•    Play with words. Thinking of interesting words and discussing new ones can help increase the words your child uses when they write – look words up in the dictionary 
•    Play word games and do puzzles together to help your child learn more about words and spelling
•    Talk about ideas and information they are going to write about. Talk about experiences, diagrams, graphs, pictures, photos and material that your child is planning to use for school work. Discussing the information and main ideas can help their planning for writing and their understanding, too.
•    Play with words. Thinking of interesting words and discussing new ones can help increase the words your child uses when they write
Maths at home
•    Find and read large numbers in your environment eg nineteen thousand, three hundred and twenty-three
•    Count forwards and backwards (starting with numbers like 10,098, 10,099, 10,100, 10,101 then back again)
•    work out patterns – make codes from numbers.
•    Chant times tables together

To keep up to date with our learning journey don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @WimboldsleyCPS.
Please continue to share with us your tweets about your learning outside of school.


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