Willow Aspire learning at Middlewich High School

Date: 3rd May 2018 @ 2:42pm

Four members of Willow class have been given the opportunity to attend Middlewich High school to learn new skills in a variety of subjects.

Working with peers from other primary schools, they have enjoyed learning about:

  • Volcanoes - their structure, how and why they release lava and they created 2D models
  • Textiles - learning sewing techniques to make a medal ribbon.
  • Cookery - Making chocolate crispy cakes, weighing and measuring the ingredients - tasty! 
  • ICT - A wonderful chance to design a medal, to go with the texile ribbon and were astouned to see it produced on a 3D printer! 

All in all, they have had a fabulous experience and all look forward to presenting their work to their class mates. 


Ben Freedman, Georgie Parker, Ethan Megson and Riley Black

Wimboldsley Community Primary School

Nantwich Road, Wimboldsley, Cheshire

01606 832321